Welcome to Parshuram Foundation

The Parshuram NGO foundation is established with only one motive which is to form new world where no one starves, health awareness & treatment is not out of reach from the common man, and basic necessities of people with special needs get fulfilled easily. We are helping people all over India and it is our primary motive to educate every child and remove illiteracy from this country. We believe every life has equal value and we take pride to help humans who are in great need.

As a nonprofit organization, we have taken a huge step towards humanity, every now and then we try to sculpture the lives of people who live their daily life under compulsion. Parshuram foundation is trying to hold the hands of in need people and give them a second chance of living. We work with dedication because we understand our ethical duty towards these residents of India.

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Our Vision


Our vision is to enhance community and then move towards others while gathering as much as resources & help we could. We do not believe in creating dependency we just want to offer help so that current & next generation could live in harmony while enjoying the basic needs of life.

Mission Statement


Our mission is to give a whole new meaning to the life of every rare fortune individual in India by conferring them nourishment in the form of adequate education, food, clothing and medical treatments.

Parshuram Foundation is indulged in great non-profit causes such as

    • Feeding People Suffering From Malnutrition
    • Endue Employment to Unemployed
    • Offering Clothes to Fortuneless
    • Making Best Suitable Matches for Marriage
    • Health Awareness
    • Child Education

The list is never ending….

We are just trying to become humans, join us and feel that joy of helping someone with special needs.