Our Work


Have a glance of our work and progress
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
We have now moved our focus towards the villages of India, people residing in the villages of India are still living like in the 19th century and they are not waiting for a miracle they are waiting for your decision.


We have established a learning and vocational centre in various villages of Punjab & Rajasthan for widow women to take care of their families and expenses. Women were equipped with sewing machines and adequate training for the process. These centers have tie-ups with cloth manufacturing and soft toy making companies and work will be paid. This step has been taken just to teach the women of villages to be self dependent.


Also we have opened small learning centers to make the coming generation residing in villages computers literate. As computers are playing vital role in every sphere of working in the present era, it becomes mandatory that every child must know the basics of computers to grow and work efficiently. These training centers are free of cost and equipments are available with latest operating system installed within. Professional computer specialists are conferring training to the children just to make sure knowledge is delivered correctively.


The major event we have organized in the village of Punjab was health care camp and we were surprised by the results, most of the people did not even aware of the fact that they had diabetes and what corrective measures are important to control the disease. People who are currently not able to afford the medications we are offering them free treatment by doctors and medical practitioners.
Also, we have found that 50% of the people who are over 40 years of ages are suffering from vision correction issues they have been given respective eye drops, medications also spectacles have been given to the tolerant suffering from near sight issues.


Your donated clothes have been given to the people residing in Baamaseen village of Rajasthan. We would like to thank you for spreading all the cheerful joy on their faces.
With all above efforts Parshuram Foundation has tried to give a meaning to the lives of people living in rural areas with no or small needs, and if you would like to be a part of this noble cause visit our “Join Us” page, we would be more than obliged to have you on-board.