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Opportunities are waiting for you to enlighten life of numerous unfortunates who are living miserably. Join Parshuram Foundation in our journey towards making India a fully developed country. It is time to make a difference and act strong we are low on resources, moreover we require more manpower as we have a goal to cover every state in India. No matter either you are individual, part of an organization, company owner or institutional worker, you are more than welcome to work with us. Member or nonmember, you can enjoy our membership benefits of delivering your potential ideas to us via the internet, mails messages etc.

Membership is Available For

1. Individuals over the age of 12.
2. Corporate entities including organizations, cooperatives, NGOs, government agencies, businesses, schools and colleges etc.
As a part of Our Team you can help us to lay down our projects and maintain them afterwards. You can also spread our message to potential supporters apart from that you can help us in raising funds. No matter what your capabilities are, you can always offer something in some way.