What We Do



Your blood could save someone’s life, there are lots of people die in India due to illness where they require blood cells but not able to pay for the same. Donating blood will not harm your body but it could give a person another life. With the help of our supporters and general public helpers we organize & manage blood donation camps in different states of India apart from that we make the blood available to the people who are suffering from critical diseases, various government hospitals, NGO’s for diabetes also falls under our list of help.


There are thousands of children in India who are not able to pay for the education they deserve and living their lives as handicaps in the sphere of knowledge. According to latest statistics of 2015 30% of the Indian child population is still suffering from illiteracy which further becomes main cause of poverty, child labor and crime. We have taken a small step to educate every child possible because knowledge is the third eye of mankind. Currently we are taking strict actions against child labor and we are in need of help, so step forward. Your small amount of money can light a future worth million


We also organize various health camps all over the India just to promote the consciousness of health & safety amongst people. Our team of dental hygienist, diet specialist, diabetes consultants, skin specialist work together to make the common people aware about the benefits of healthy living habits. We tend to spread the real meaning of “Prevention Is Better than Cure”


Donate as much as you can to save someone’s life. Every year thousands of humans expire in India just because these humans do not possess sufficient money to get the adequate treatment and the numbers are increasing rapidly. If a human could be saved with your few bucks then it is worth paying. People who seek medical attention can be greatly benefited from our medical camps. We make avail every possible medicine and equipment to help patients who cannot pay. We also help people who suffer from critical diseases by hospitalizing them. Our team of physicians & therapists are highly specialized doctors who are willing to help for no cost, please join us for this noble cause and help someone with your expertise


Your unused clothes can become useful for someone who has never worn a fresh cloth ever before, never consider to throw your clothes, blankets and other layers away instead donate them. We accept all sized and fabrics because there are lots of cities in India, where people are deprived of such basic needs


Light somebody’s life who has never seen anything before and let your eyes see the life, even after your death. Parshuram NGO is trying their best to spread the awareness about eye donation and encourage people to do that. Eyes can be donated within 4-5 hours after death and it takes hardly 10-20 minutes without disturbing the rituals of a funeral. Giving someone a chance to experience the world for the first time through your eyes is a good deed.


Couples are made in heaven, we just want to become the medium to connect you. Register with us and we will make sure your profile gets visited by genuinely seeking bride/grooms. This service is for people who are not able to find their respective life partners due to busy their schedule or looking for same cast. Choosing a life partner is a very big and important decision of your life and we try to find your better half.